July 8, 2012

15th June: Richy & Shabo

It's almost been a month. I've never been this slow with editing photos and I'm really sorry about that :( But finally I've edited enough of my favourites (although there were a lot more that I liked) to make a blogpost about this shooting.

It was a sunny Friday morning when I met Richy and Shabo somewhere in Veddel. This whole shooting was mostly Richy's idea and he also suggested our location - an old caravan. Of course, that caravan had an owner who happened to own a whole bunch of old cars that were not in use anymore. But he was nice enough to agree and let us take photos there :) We had different ideas but not much time since Richy had to work that afternoon, so we tried to hurry up a little and were completely exhausted as soon as the shooting was over.

But it was definitely worth it! :D We still have some ideas that we couldn't realize that day and I'm looking forward to those, too.

Anyway, here are some of the results:

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  1. Wow! Die "Cuba-Session" gefallt mir am besten! tolle location, tolle models, tolle fotografin!:)