December 6, 2012

You are what you wear ♫

Wondering why I chose such a title for this post? Simple: This post will be about my latest purchases. I love fashion, I love clothes and accessoires and I spend way too much money on those. But even if my bank account is crying a little, whenever I get new clothes I feel happy. Most of the things I bought in the past weeks are a bit extraordinary - and that's the main reason why I already love them more than anything else in my wardrobe! ♥

Let's begin with Black Milk: This online shop is rather well-known for their awesome leggings. A week ago, they had an online sale and I couldn't resist and got these beautiful leggins.


Next, I'd like to present you the shop that eats my soul (and money) each time I visit Paris: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. This is a rather expensive Japanese brand for Lolita fashion. I love their designs so much! Of course I couldn't resist when I saw this beautiful headband and dress. The headband is from their brand "Alice and the Pirates", which is usually a little... less sweet and more elegant or casual? At least compared to Baby. The dress is Baby though. Sadly I don't have a full body shot of the dress yet, but instead let me start with the beautiful shopping bag you get :)

I also visited the Boddywood shop in Paris to buy accessoires: two earrings and headbows. The necklace is from another shop, I can't remember the name right now but it was right across the street!

It would be weird if I made a post about fashion without mentioning Monki in it. It's my favourite shop after all! I've been thinking about buying those shorts for quite a while now. Finally got them. And a tshirt with a lovely print that reminds me of Teen Wolf ;D I'll start with photos of their cute bags too. Monki always has great designs!

I was lucky enough to enter Urban Outfitters while they had their sale too, and I just couldn't leave without buying a new pair of platform chucks! They are really comfortable and look cool!

I also found a shirt that's way too huge but oh so lovely from the second hand store Vintage & Rags. I love second hand shops so much. I wish we had more of them here in Hamburg. If you can recommend me any, please do so and I'll be thankful forever! :)

And last but not least, something that's not related to fashion. But it's my current obsession, so.... ;) I got the DVD for the first season of Teen Wolf! I wonder when the second DVD will be released. I'll definitely get that one too. And I wish season 3 would start airing, but they just started filming it. Can't wait for the next summer when they'll finally show it :) I love Teen Wolf, I really do.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post, even if it was slightly different than what you can usually find on my blog :D Thanks for reading/looking. And keep your eyes open if you're into Japanese fashion, I'll try to make a blog post about the Tokyo Fashion Show event in Paris this weekend.