March 21, 2015

up close and personal - part 1

"i don't wanna feel blue anymore."

A few days ago, Richy and I realized how long it's been since we had a photo shoot together and decided to change that. Luckily, Richy already had an idea - he wanted to do something with the colour "blue". Since we didn't have a strict concept for this shoot, I experimented quite a bit (especially with the zoom and focus). I didn't just want to take simple portraits like I usually do. I have to say, I love the results very much! 

The title for this shoot is "up close and personal" and I think it's easy to tell why I chose that when looking at the photos. This first part mostly consists of close-ups that don't show Richy's face. 

I will try to upload the second part as soon as possible!

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