February 15, 2016

Into the Woods

On Saturday I finally had a photo shoot again.
The last time I stood in front of a camera as a model was well over a year ago.
Had the pleasure of working with Oliver Blang again, who you might remember from this post.
It was quite cold and we had a bit of an audience while taking the pictures (and while changing into the outfit :D ),
but I had a lot of fun and I love the photo results, so it was absolutely worth it!
I suppose you will see more of Oliver's photography on my blog soon,
as we still have a few other ideas that we want to work on in the near future!

Until then,
Enjoy the pictures!

And because I love the b&w versions of these two pictures so much, 
I'm gonna add them as a bonus too (although the coloured versions are already in here)!

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