October 7, 2012

16th September: Quini

Almost a month ago Quini and I used one of the last sunny and warm Sundays of September to have an exciting photo shooting together. It took me quite a while to choose photos and edit them since we had many great photos - but I'm happy that I can finally show you my most favourites!

Our location was the best I've used so far - one of the few lost places that you'll find in Hamburg. We found this place thanks to Quini's research! Most of the empty halls are completely locked and we almost gave up but the door of the very last hall was open. So we entered it and I immediately fell in love. I always wanted to visit a lost place for a shooting. No one's there to disturb, you can be as loud as you want (we took some photos of Quini screaming haha).. and it was exciting and even a bit scary too! While exploring the second floor of the building, we passed through a door which happened to be a swing door.. so we'd hear the sound of the door opening and closing over and over again. Being in a completely empty hall but still hearing a door is creepy indeed :D

I want to thank Quini again for finding the great location and also for being a wonderful model! Her outfit, make-up and hair were lovely. And she also did a great job with posing and had many fun ideas for our photos! I enjoyed our shooting very much :)

Here you can also read a Preview by Quini: *click*
It's in German, but there are a couple of photos from our location too!

But enough of my rant, time to show some of the photos:



  1. super bilder haste da gemacht ^3^
    ich find das blaue oben am tollsten
    erinnert mich an Mana, auch wenn ich mit dem nicht das geringste am hut hab XD

  2. Das Shooting ist wirklich toll geworden!
    Großes Kompliment an euch beide :)

    1. Vielen Dank!
      Es hat mir (und ich denke/hoffe Quini auch) sehr viel Spaß gemacht
      und ich bin auch total begeistert von den Ergebnissen :)