February 10, 2013

20th September: Julie and Sha

No, sadly there's no mistake in the blog title. Today I finaaaally finished editing my favourite photos of the photoshooting we had in September. I wanna apologize once again for taking so long ;_; Sorry girls!

That Thursday was quite windy, but we were lucky enough to catch a bit of the sun before it got too cold! Despite the cold it was a funny photoshooting and in the end we almost had more outtakes than 'serious pictures' :D Afterwards we bought some warm drinks in a coffee shop nearby and had a little party of our own there ;)

And because they're too cute I'm sharing some outtakes too! :)


  1. <3333333
    sha ey... diese Schuhe und diese Strümpfe >O< zuu schön. Sehr schönes Fotoshoot <3