January 20, 2013

Creepyyeha Review

Hey everyone!

Today I'd like to share my opinion about the online-shop Creepyyeha with you. I've been seeing the items on Tumblr all the time and I thought about buying some things for myself for ages. In 2013, I finally ordered two things!

Let's start with the Double Strap Heart Garter ♥
It took me a while to decide if I want it in black or white. I love white accessoires and clothes a lot, but I chose the black one because it fits most of the styles that I like to wear. (But the white one is still on my wish-list!)

It's very comfortable and looks lovely too. Since the size is adjustable, I can easily decide how high or low I wanna wear it on my thigh.

I also bought the Lavender Babydoll Ankle Cuffs ♥
They're so sweet! The lace is very pretty and the roses and studs used for it are adorable too!

All in all, the items have an amazing quality and look perfect, exactly as they're shown on the shop photos. They're made to order but you don't have to wait long.

Furthermore the shipping to Germany was really fast (about 2 weeks!) and the shop-owner, Yeha Leung, is a real sweetheart!

I'm very happy that I finally purchased two of my most wanted items of her shop.
There are still many things on my wish-list and I'm sure I'll order again soon!

Here are some photos of the items :)

Cute package with a nice little card :)

Ankle cuffs

Heart strap

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