September 11, 2012

Berlin: 7th - 9th September

Last weekend I made a very spontaneous trip to Berlin. I've visited this city many times before, but I never quite took my time to just walk around and see the various things it has to offer. This time it was different! I got to see many interesting places - and thus the city I didn't think of too highly before turned into a place I could even imagine moving to. I love Hamburg a lot. But Berlin does have a charm of its own too :)

I want to start with the East Side Gallery: A long open-air kind of art gallery where artists from all over the world have drawn on the Berlin Wall. I visited the East Side Gallery on Saturday with Chiaki, Nanoha & Yohan.

After the East Side Gallery, we went to the Alexanderplatz to get some food. But before we stopped to watch an interesting and funny break dance performance on the street.

Before driving back home on Sunday, I walked around a lot eventhough I was dead tired. But I didn't want to leave Berlin without seeing the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor & Museumsinsel! (Tho I have to admit that I spent at least one or two hours just laying in a park, listening to some music and taking a nap haha)

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