September 11, 2012

Berlin: Night life

This is my second and already last entry about my Berlin trip - and it's going to focus on the night life. Friday I met with SiSeN, Bambi, Nici & Maike to finally see the band Angelspit. I've been waiting for an opportunity to see them for quite a while now since I always heard that they're a great live band. I totally agree now! Angelspit are a great band, live and on CD. And the members are very nice too! (Some random info: My blog title "shiny wrapping, empty box" is the lyrics of one of their songs ♥)

Berlin has some really nice clubs and discos, I'm sure. But what I found a lot more interesting than the big clubs was the place I went to on Friday after the Angelspit concert and again on Saturday night for the Japaranoia event - Neu West Berlin.

It's a big, old building where many artists have designed different things. I've never been to a place that's quite like this before and I loved it there! My photos don't do the location justice, it's a lot cooler when you're actually there.

This was my favourite room!

Great artwork on the wall!

And I'd like to finish this post by sharing some of the awesome party guests and DJs of the Japaranoia event! :)

Maike in her awesome outfit!

VJ Chuu & Yoshiki 

Me with dear Gsus

Performance by Shimo

Chuu, Taishi & Shimo

During these three days I met friends I hadn't seen for long, I saw friends I won't be able to see for one year, I got to know a lot of new people and new places.. long story short: My weekend in Berlin was awesome! :) I can't wait to visit the city again, I'll hopefully be back sooner than last time. Thanks everyone for this great weekend.


  1. Schicke Bilder! :) Komm bald mal wieder!

    1. Danke!
      Werd versuchen diesen Winter noch mal nach Berlin zu fahren :>

      (Ich versuche jetzt nicht verzweifelt zu erraten, mit wem ich gerade ├╝berhaupt schreibe xD)