September 5, 2012

Summer School: Hamburg Tour

As most of you already know (it's impossible to not-know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook), I've spent my whole August with the Summer School. The Summer School is an exchange program of the University of Hamburg with Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Around 120 students of these countries visited Hamburg for one month to learn German.

During this month, we had various trips and events. I carried my camera with me almost every day because we went to many places even I hadn't visited yet (although I've been living in Hamburg for 21 years, shame on me!).
My first entry is about our first big tour through Hamburg. We started with a harbour boat trip. First it looked like it was going to rain for the whole day but as soon as we arrived at the harbour, luckily the rain stopped too! :)

After the boat tour we took a short break and enjoyed some delicious Nordsee food. Next, we went to the St. Michaelis church. Since I was too lazy to go the 453 steps by foot, we waited for the elevator to take us up the tower. The view up there is amazing! I just wish the weather would have been better that day.

After the Michel, we went to the Stadthausbr├╝cke and moved on to the Jungfernstieg. It was really crowded thanks to the Christopher Street Day - an event for gay, lesbian, bi & transgender people. We also visited the Rathausmarkt but sadly the Rathaus was closed already, so we couldn't take a look inside. But all in all it was a great tour and even if it started raining sometimes, I think it was a good first impression on Hamburg :) At least I really enjoy it, haha!

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