May 13, 2012

29th March: Richy

Just a few days after my first shooting, I had a chance to take photos again. Richy and I met that cold, cloudy morning to find some good locations around the 'Speicherstadt'. Since the sun wasn't really bright, I really had a few problems with the light & shadow that day. Still need to learn that.. :/

Still there are quite a few pictures that I like. Richy is a very good photo model, especially because he does whatever you tell him :P



  1. Oh I love the third picture, it's very interessting and in B/W even better!

    keep photographing, you've got a huge talent!:)

  2. Woah he looked so different than I knew him.
    It's kinda sad that I lost contact to you and him, but I'm happy that you're still close after those years :)
    Your photos are awesome, keep going :)

    Love, baku :)♥