May 22, 2012


Last week we celebrated our "Hafengeburtstag", the birthday of the harbour in Hamburg. I really like the harbour in general, and lately I've visited it quite often on Sunday mornings. Of course a walk around there in the morning is in no way similar to an event like the Hafengeburtstag. As always, there were lots of people - though I only visited it on Sunday evening and missed the first two days this time, but I'm guessing that Friday and Saturday were just as crowded! You'll find lots of nice food there, so hard to resist buying them all! Pretty sure that Roxi's strawberry & white chocolate crepe wins the food competition! 

Apart from the nice food we enjoyed the sunny weather and I used that day to take photos again. Actually I like how most of the photos turned out, didn't expect that while taking them :) I edited some of my favourites and hope you like them too!

Vera, Lena & Susi


Photo that Roxi took while I was eating my crepe :D


  1. Beautiful pictures <3 (and Roxi's picture is so cute! 8D)


  2. Wusste nicht, dass du auch ein Blog fuehrst!:D
    Oh ich liebe, wenn man mit dem Licht spielt, die effekte sind super! weiter so:)

  3. Das vorletzte und das mit dem Vogel sind meine Lieblinge <3
    Tolle Bilder, Sis.