May 28, 2012

Back to the 50ies!

In April I met two wonderful girls, Shirley & Kat, at the Emilie Autumn concert. They both had an awesome style and were really nice. After talking for a while and (sadly) missing some opportunities to meet them again, we had a picnic last Saturday. And as you know me, always wanting to take photos, I asked them for a photoshooting. Since I'm not good at giving instructions for poses yet, I just told them to 'do anything they want' - which led to some really funny moments and nice photos! :) Turned out to be my best shooting so far - and I'm not only writing this because they both made delicious food for our picnic ;)

We took almost 800 photos that day. 330 were left after choosing the ones I liked. Still way too much to edit them all. Chose favourites again, and here you can find the results! :)

P.S.: Their 50ies look is so great! *love*

Probably my favourite :)

Sitting in bushes & trees, like queens

Club-Mate ad #1

Club-Mate ad #2


Shirley lifts skirts with such an innocent(?) look on her face!

Picnic before our shooting
That ball is almost bigger than the dog - cute ♫


  1. Nummer 1 (!!!), 5, 12 (!!!), 16, 17, 18 sind meine Favos! Wirklich hübsche Mädels! <3

  2. die fotos sind suuuuuuuper! *-* ganz tolle Idee und die umsetzung und bearbeitung der bilder ist sehr gut gelungen!

    P.S. club mate rox!

  3. Awww die Bilder sind wirklich klasse * v *
    So schön und von den Ausdrücken machen sie einen auch irgendwie nur vom angucken glücklicher ;D
    Hast du/habt ihr toll gemacht ♥


  4. Ich liebe euren Pin-up Style!! Tolle Bilder <3